Combining the happy swinging feel of the Kansas City jazz scene with the hard, soulful groove of st. louis funk, soul and blues; the people's key blends these midwestern styles into one cohesive sound.

They swing in the traditional style of jazz, but provide listeners the opportunity to ride along as they relive the sounds of their lifetimes, with tunes by modern artists from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Green Day, Jay-Z and Bruno Mars. This band puts the classic organ group sound of the ‘50s & ‘60s on all your favorites from the ‘70s and beyond.

The People’s Key is designed to connect the jazz vernacular with a modernized songbook. The People’s Key performs material from popular artists, genres, songs and themes to engage in the maximum connection possible with their audiences.

Debuting in 2013, the group has had the opportunity to open for national acts such as The Jeff Coffin Mu’tet and Fareed Haque’s Math Games. The band has released 4 albums: The People’s Key (2013), The Sean Carter Jazz Suite with Lamar Harris (2014), Heal The World (2015) and the band’s current release “Within You” (Fall 2016) features music of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, 90’s grunge and more.

Led by Ryan Marquez on Organ/Keybass, the group currently features Matt Rowland on Guitar, Charlie Cerpa on Saxophone, Mike Murano on Drums and occasional guest vocal performances by Chrissy Renick.